If you are searching for demo websites to practice Selenium Webdriver, then check out the below web sites that we’ve picked for you.
Selenium practice websites
This link is created by Automation Testing Insider. In this link you can automate and handle different web elements from basic to advance like Text Area, Text Box, Input Fields, Buttons, RADIO-BUTTON, Checkbox, Image Drop down, Web table, Iframes, Date-picker, Auto Complete, List Box, Combo box, Double Click, Right Click, File Upload, Alerts, New Browser windows etc.
It is an excellent site for online Selenium practice. It has a rich set of web UI functions specially designed for the needs of testing of web application of all types. In this website you can handle different web elements as categorized below:

BASIC EXAMPLES TO START WITH SELENIUM - Simple Form Demo, Checkbox, Radio Button, Select Drop down list java Script alert, Window popup, Bootstrap alerts, Bootstrap model etc.

INTERMEDIATE EXAMPLES WITH MOST POPULAR COMPONENTS - Input form with Validations, Ajax form Submit, JQuery Select drop down, Bootstrap list box, data list filter, Progress bar model, File Download etc.

ADVANCED EXAMPLES WITH COMPONENTS - Table Pagination, Table data search, Table Filter, Table sort and Search, Table Data Download, Dynamic data loading, Charts loading etc.
This is very good demo website to practice selenium. This demo site is a brilliant online resource to learn and exercise Selenium web driver. OrangeHRM Inc. is a HR software company based in Secaucus, New Jersey. The company has developed a human resources management solution. The company offers an open-source, professional, & enterprise solution. The open-source solution is free while the professional and enterprise solutions are advanced hosted solutions.
WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB databas.
This is e-commerce website simulator. Here you can test anything from a simple login page to product selection and add/edit your shopping cart.It covers the complete online shopping workflow. You can write Selenium scripts to fill address, shipping details, and proceed to simulate payment.
In this website you can deal with different web elements like Browser Windows, Java Script Alerts, JAVA SCRIPT TIMING ALERT, Drag and Drop etc.
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