Selenium Questions Part12: Selenium Grid

  1. What is Selenium Grid and when do we go for it?
  2. What are the advantages of Selenium Grid?
  3. What is a Hub in Selenium Grid?
  4. What is a Node in Selenium Grid?
  5. Explain how Selenium Grid works?
  6. Can we use Selenium Grid for performance testing?
  7. What are Selenium Grid Extras and the additional features does it add to Selenium Grid?
  8. Can’t we execute tests parallel without using Selenium Grid?
  9. How do you execute tests in Selenium Grid?
  10. Suppose in selenium grid, there are 4 nodes connected and the test execution started in grid paralleled. In middle of the execution one of the nodes got disconnected. What happens with the execution?
  11. Suppose in selenium grid, if you are doing parallel testing in 3 browsers. How many reports will your framework generate and how do you segregate each browser execution results?
  12. When we execute test cases in grid where results will be stored in node or hub?

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