Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Framework Setup

 Steps to be followed to setup BDD Framework:

1. Create a Maven Project

2. Add dependencies - Selenium java, webdrivermanager, cucumber-java, junit, cucumber-junit 

3. Create Features folder in src/test/resources

4. Create a new feature file. extension is .feature

5. Install Cucumber Eclipse plug-in or natural plug-in and Restart the eclipse.

6. Create a new feature file to get all the options

7. Write Scenarios in feature file

8. Run the feature file

9. Create step definition class or glue code under src/test/java package

10. Create a runner package/class



Please refer below YouTube video:

What is Cucumber Options? 
@CucumberOptions are like property files or settings for your test. Basically @CucumberOptions enables us to do all the things that we could have done if we have used cucumber command line.

Different Cucumber Options:

Please refer below YouTube video:

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