Acceptance Testing And Its Levels

What is Acceptance Testing:

  • After testing is completed by tester before deploying the application into production business user will conduct testing to ensure the application is working as per there requirement or not called acceptance testing.
  • This is a type of testing done by users, customers, or other authorized entities to determine application/software needs and business processes.
  • Software testing where a system is tested for acceptability.

Advantages of Acceptance Testing 

  • Reduces the risk of defects being identified in production.
  • It increases the satisfaction of clients as they test application itself.
  • Increasing software robustness and usability.
  • Increase end-user happiness

Levels of Acceptance Testing

  • Alpha Test OR Pre UAT
  • Beta Test OR Post UAT

Alpha Test OR Pre UAT Testing

  • Alpha testing is conducted in the development company.
  • Alpha tests are carried out early in the development process by internal staff ,project manager teams up with the developer to define specific goals for alpha testing. 
  • Testing is conduct in test environment.
  • Testing is done by testers and quality analyst.
  • Testing is conduct for application and product.

Advantages of Alpha Testing or Pre UAT 

  •  It helps to uncover bugs that can pose a serious threat.
  •  It helps to deliver good quality software for beta testing
  •  During this testing, the real-time behavior of the users and the environment is imitated.

Beta Test OR Post UAT

  • Testing is conducted at customer location.
  • Beta testing is one of the final steps in your software development lifecycle (SDLC) before a product goes live.
  • Beta Testing is performed by real users of the software application in real environment.
  • Beta Testing allows a company to test post-launch infrastructure.

Advantages of Beta Testing or Post UAT 

  • Direct feedback from customers is a major advantage of Beta Testing.
  • Reduces product failure risk via customer validation.
  • Improves product quality via customer feedback.
Please refer below video for more detail on Acceptance Testing And Its Levels:

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