Difference between Verification and Validation

Verification Vs Validation:



Verification is the process of checking the documents (BRD, SRS), design, code and programs.

Testing and validation of actual product.




Are we building the product write? s/w meets the specification or not? Here we are checking whether we are developing right product or not.


Are we building the right product or not?  s/w meets the requirement or not? We check whether the developed module is right or not.


Static Testing

Dynamic Testing

Methods – Inspection, Reviews and walk through.

Methods - Unit, integration, system, Acceptance, black box, functional and non-functional testing.

QA comes under verification.

QC comes under validation.


QA involved

Tester involved with the help of QA


It comes first

It comes later


It finds the bug early in the development life cycle.

It finds the bugs that verification cannot catch.

Please refer the below video on difference between Verification and Validation:

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