What is Error Guessing Testing Technique?

Error Guessing Testing

  • Testing is conducted by performing invalid operations and validate the error massage is displaying or not .
  • The Error massage should meaningful to understand.
  • It is a type of testing method in which prior experience in testing is used to uncover the defects in software. It is an experience based test technique in which the tester uses his/her past experience or intuition to gauge the problematic areas of a software application.

Error Guessing Testing example:

  • We need to test a program which read’s a file. What happen if the program gets a file which is empty OR  The file does not exist?
  • Enter blank space into text fields
  • Use max limits of files to be uploaded

Advantages of Error Guessing Testing

  • It uncovers those defects which would otherwise be not possible to find out, through formal testing. 
  • To expand the test coverage.
  • It does not follow any specific rules.

Disadvantages of Error Guessing Testing

  • Only experienced testers can perform this testing. You can’t get it done by freshers.
  • It also cannot guarantee that the software has reached the expected quality benchmark.

Please refer below video on Error Guessing Testing:

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