What is Positive and Negative Testing?

Positive Testing

  • Positive Testing is a type of testing which is performed on a software application by providing the valid data as an input.
  • Positive testing is a type of software testing that is performed by assuming everything will be as expected.
  • It is performed with the assumption that only valid and relevant things will occur.
  • In this type, testing performed within the boundaries and this testing checks that the product /application is behaving as per the specification document with a valid set of test data.

Negative Testing

  • Negative testing is a method of testing an application or system that ensures that the plot of the application is according to the requirements and can handle the unwanted input and user behavior. 
  • It is also known as error path testing or failure. And it helps us to identify more bugs and enhance the quality of the software application under test .
  • Negative testing uses invalid input data, or undesired user behaviors, to check for unexpected system errors.
  • We can say that the negative testing is executing by keeping the negative point of view in simple terms.
Difference between positive testing and negative testing:

Positive Testing

Negative Testing

Positive Testing means testing the application or system with valid data.

Negative Testing means testing the application or system with invalid data.

It is always done to verify the known set of test conditions.

It is always done to break the project or product with unknown set of test conditions.

It ensures software is normal.

It ensures 100% defect free software.

It doesn’t cover all possible cases.

It covers all possible cases.

It can be performed by people having less knowledge.

It can be performed by professionals.

Positive testing is implemented only for the expected conditions.

Negative testing is implemented only for unexpected conditions.

It is less important as compare to negative testing.

It is more important as compare to positive testing.

Positive testing can be implemented on every application.

Negative testing can be implemented when the possibilities of unpredicted conditions.

Please refer the below video on complete video on Positive and Negative Testing:

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