What is UI (user interface) testing?

What is UI (user interface) testing? 

  • UI Testing, also known as GUI ( Graphical User Interface)  Testing. 
  • Verify the page or window displayed or not.
  • Verifying the objects displayed in the page.
  • This usually means testing the visual elements on the application.

Why we do GUI testing?

  • GUI testing is helps to deliver high-quality and user-friendly software. In the end, you achieve a higher level of user engagement and satisfaction.
  • To ensure the images and other feature are user friendly or not.
  • To Ensure that user will use the application further or not.

What we verify as part of GUI testing 

  • In GUI we mainly test the visible design element like button, icon, text box etc…
  • We Check for the fonts are readable or not 
  • Check for the images. There clarity and  pixel size and position.
  • Check for the page if it is easy to understand as per customer point of view .
  • Check for the buttons and boxes are Proper not overlapped.
  • Check for grammar and spellings in page.
  • Testing of the error messages that are getting displayed.
  • Testing the different sections of the screen

Advantages of UI or GUI Testing

  • Helps validate the compliance of various icons and elements with their design specifications.
  • The sooner we can catch offending elements in our UI, the quicker they can be resolved.
  • Offers developers and testers ease of use and learning.
  • Efficiently reduces the number of risks towards the end of development life cycle.

What is Object Properties Testing?

  • Verify the Properties of an object in the page like enable , disable , color , x-y coordinates etc .
  • In this test, most likely, we need to check whether an object's property meets a specific condition or not. 

Object Properties Testing example:

  • In the yahoo or gmail inbox first page previous and 1st link should be disable , when go to next page previous and 1st link should get enable.
Please refer below video on GUI Testing:

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