Test Case Review Process and Guidelines

 Test Case Review : 

  • Test case review process is an important process to follow in software testing. Test case should be effective and also follow the standards to write test case.
  • After preparation of the test cases review are conduct to ensure the completeness and correctness of the test case, proper flow, and maximum test coverage.
  • The test lead or project manager have to approve the test cases.
  • During this review process, if the reviewer found any mistake, he/she writes it in a separate document, which is known as Review document and sends it back to the author.

Test Case Review Techniques : 

  • Self-review: This is carried out by the tester who wrote the test cases. By looking at SRS/FRD, he/she can see if all of the requirements are met or not.
  • Peer review:  Before test lead the test cases reviewed by another team member who is not familiar with the system is called peer review. Maker and Checker are two other names for the same thing.
  • Supervisory review: This is done by a team lead or project manager who is higher in rank than the tester who wrote the test cases and has an extensive understanding of the requirements and system.

Common mistakes which are check during Test Case Review  : 

  • Incomplete Test Cases. Missing negative test cases. No Test Data. Inappropriate/Incorrect Test data.
  • Spelling errors can sometimes cause a lot of confusion or make a statement difficult to grasp.
  • While review process, it is very important to check whether all the standards and guideline are properly followed.
  • If proper template is followed then it becomes easy to add/modify test cases in future and test case plan looks organized.
  • If the grammar is incorrect, the test case can be misinterpreted, leading to incorrect findings. 
  • Test cases should have a very simple language which is easy to understand.
  • Replication: It refers to the duplicate test cases removal. It is possible that two or more test cases test the same thing and can be merged into one, this would save time and space.
  • Test case which are uselessness due to change in requirements or some modifications. Such test cases must be removed.

Test Case Repository  : 

  • A test case repository is a centralized location where all the baseline test cases (written, review, and approved) are stored.
  • Test repository comprises test cases that encompass all key possibilities of permutations and combinations in workflow execution and transaction, ensuring that all variations in system and user interactions are covered.
  • A test case repository is used to store the approved test cases only.
  • Any test engineer wants to test the application, then he/she needs to access the test case only from the test case repository.
  • If we do not require any test case, we can drop them from the test case repository.
  • Each version have a separate test case repository.

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