Test Execution Process | Environment setup

Test Execution:

  • Test execution is the process of executing the test cases and comparing the expected and actual results.
  • After developers finish the coding and give the build to the tester , tester will conduct the testing and validate the application as per the requirement.
  • The developers will prepare the below document and give to the testing team during the build release :
SRN (software release note)
DD (Deployment Document)
  • Tester deploy the build in test environment a per the instruction in the release document note .
  • The build is deployed in the test environment either by tester or developer or n/w team. 

  • As we know after build release 1st test should be performed is sanity test .
  • After Sanity test is pass we will continue test execution and validate all the functionality.
  • Test execution can be done either manual aur automation.
  • Testing performed by tester without using any tools is called manual testing.
  • Testing conducted with the help of tool is called automation testing.
  • During execution validate all the test cases and specify actual result and status.
  • If the status is fail we can report that as defect to the developers.

SRN (software release note)

  • A release note refers to the technical documentation produced and distributed alongside the launch of a new software product or a product update.
  • It briefly describes a new product or specific detail level changes included in a product update.
  • A software release notes template is a simple document that companies use to document any changes to their product. Elements of release notes template are like : 
  • Build version , build location , requirement in build , Precondition , environment , deployment steps , known issue , defect files , prepare by.

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